Selling Vandalet Mailbox products is like “FREE MONEY” to your retail location. Maybe you recognize our name from the Jerry Seinfeld show, maybe you have seen us on Lowe’ or or, but if you haven’t heard of us, we are a small manufacturer of the highest quality ornate mailbox posts, lamp posts and hitching posts in the country.

We proudly hand weld, paint and package our products in Mobile, AL. Because we have been in business 13 years and have built our business the “right way”, we are able to offer you, our vendor, “FREE MONEY”. Vandalet Mailbox Co. provides you with a free product display and sales order book at NO COST. You place the display in a high traffic area (display takes only 2 sq ft), and the product sells itself. You place your order using our Wholesale Order Form, and it ships UPS direct to your store within 7 business days.

It’s that easy! NO INVENTORY, NO SHIPPING CHARGES, …no reason not to sell Vandalet Mailbox products.